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Date Topic Speaker
9/21 Asian summer monsoon and precipitation in Taiwan 周明達 教授,中央大學,大氣系
Dr. Ming-Dah Chou, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, 
National Central University
11/17~11/18 氣候變遷研究聯盟啟動研討會 Workshop on Climate system Modeling  
12/22 CMIP3 and CMIP5 Simulations of Clouds, 
Precipitation and Energy budget in Present Day Climate and under Climate Changes
Dr. Jui-Lin Li, Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, 
California Institute of Technology .
Visiting Associate Researcher, 
Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering, UCLA
12/28 TC/submonthly wave pattern in the extreme ISO phases over the western North Pacific 柯亙重 教授,高雄師範大學,地理系
Prof. Ken-Chung Ko, Department of Geography, 
National Kaohsiung Normal University