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Date Topic Speaker
1/14 Towards Practical Adaptation Decision-making Dr. Mark Stafford Smith Science Director
CSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship, 
1/18 CCliCS Seminar : East Asia Monsoon Precipitation: Results from CCSM4
(中研院資創中心 1F演講廳)
Dr. Hsiaoming Hsu, CGD, NCAR
2/6 Do aerosols affect precipitation and/or precipitation intensity? 劉紹臣 博士,
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
2/20 Effect of absorbing aerosols on snow albedo from the perspective of satellite remote sensing 李威良 博士,
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
2/20 Downscaling experiments using GRIMs Professor Song-You Hong, 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University
3/6 Reconstruction of climatic and weather charactristics over the Shanghai area during 1368-1911. 談珮華 教授,
3/20 Roles of the Eddy-Mean Flow Interaction and SST Anomalies 
in various Basins on the Extreme Prolonged │2010 Euro-Russian Blocking
洪志誠 教授, 
台北教育大學 地球環境暨生物資源學系
3/25~3/29 Community Earth System Model (CESM) Tutorial │2013  
4/1~4/3 2nd CCliCS Workshop on Climate System Modeling
4/23 Double ITCZ in CESM1 Chia-Chi Wang, 
5/8 Different impacts of two kinds of Pacific Ocean warming on tropical cyclone frequency over the western North Pacific 陳光華 博士, 
中國中科院 大氣物理研究所
5/13 MJO Initiation: Large-Scale Diagnostics, Field Observations, and Numerical Modeling Professor Chidong Zhang, 
Division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (MPO), 
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), University of Miami
5/15 The interannual variability of the Subtropical Countercurrent's eddies in the North Pacific 
associated with the Western-Pacific teleconnection pattern
曹俊和 博士, 
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
6/3 High-Resolution Weather and Climate Modeling over the Hawaiian Islands 陳宇能教授, 
夏威夷大學 氣象學系
6/5 Recent warming in the western North Pacific Ocean and the new Ocean Coupling Potential Intensity Index for Tropical Cyclones 林依依 教授, 
國立台灣大學 大氣科學系
6/13 Multiscale Interactions and Predictability of Tropical Cyclogenesis: Case Studies with a Global Mesoscale Model. Dr. Bo-Wen Shen, 
Principal Investigator of NASA AIST CAMVis Project, 
6/26 A Barotropic View of the Propagation and Maintenance Mechanism for the TC/submonthly Wave Pattern in the Western North Pacific. 柯亙重 教授, 
高雄師範大學 地理學系
7/17 Characterizing the Impacts of Cloud-Radiation Bias on Temperatures, Humidity and Circulations Simulations in Coupled GCMs 李瑞麟 博士, 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA
8/5 Forward-Backward, Leapfrog, and a New Semi-Implicit Schemes for Wave Equations 商文義 教授,
普渡大學 地球與大氣學系
8/7 Process-oriented analysis of satellite cloud observations: 
a new paradigm for understanding clouds and for evaluating model simulations.
Dr. Z. Johnny Luo, 
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 
and CREST Institute, City College of New York
9/4 Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Marine Stratocumulus Clouds Dr. Yi-Chun Chen, 
California Institute of Technology
9/18 The continuum and variability of Southern Hemisphere teleconnection pattern 張珏欣 博士, 
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
9/25 Implementation of a warm cloud microphysics parameterization for convective clouds in NCAR CESM 許乾忠 博士, 
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
10/2 Variations of the Kuroshio East of Taiwan 辛宜佳博士, 
中央研究院 環境變遷研究中心
10/14 Recent CAM development activity at NCAR Julio Bacmeister 博士, 
Scientist, Climate & Global Dynamics Division, 
National Center for Atmospheric Research
10/16 Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions: Linking the Micro to Global Scale Andrew Gettelman 博士, 
NCAR Earth System Laboratory, 
Clmiate & Global Dynamics
10/24 Clouds-Convection-Precipitation-Radiation interactions in Global Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models 李瑞麟 博士, 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 
California Institute of Technology
11/6 Intensification of pre-monsoon tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and causes Dr. Simon Wang, 
Department of Plants, Soil, and Climate, 
Utah State University
11/6 Climate change impact in Nepal and its society Robert R. Gillies 博士, 
Utah Climate Center at Utah State University
11/27 The Diabatic and Nonlinear Aspects of El Nino-Southern Oscillation De-Zheng Sun 博士, 
University of Colorado & NOAA
12/4 Global variable-resolution modeling for regional climate applications using Voronoi meshes in MPAS. Dr. Bill Skamarock, 
NCAR Earth System Laboratory
Short LectureSeries :Building aNumerical Model for Weather and Climate Professor Wen-Yih Sun (商文義教授)
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences,
PurdueUniversity, USA 
12/20 Dynamics of ENSO Diversity Joshua S. Fu 教授, 
Department of Meteorology, 
University of Hawaii
12/25 North Atlantic Multi-decadal Variability Simulated in Coupled General Circulation Models (CGCMs) Dr. Jin Ba, 
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel (GEOMAR)