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Date Topic Speaker
1/8 Record Breaking Typhoon rainfall in Taiwan: On the slowdown of typhoon motion by the heavy rainfall 郭鴻基教授
2/11~2/13 │2014國科會大氣學門成果發表會(惠蓀林場)  
2/26 Simulations of Tornadoes, Tropical Cyclones, MJOs, and QBOs, using GFDL's multi-scale global climate modeling system 林先建博士,
Physical Scientist,
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
2/27 Tropical Pacific Radiative Biases and their Impacts on SSTs, Upper Ocean Currents, and Temperatures in Global Coupled Climate GCMs Dr. Frank Jui-Lin Li,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
3/12 Analysis and modeling of extreme events in Hawaii and Taiwan Dr. Yi-Leng Chen
Department of Meteorology, 
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, 
University of Hawaii
3/18 Development of physics package for KIAPS global model on a cubed sphere Dr. Emilia Kyung Jin, 
Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction System (KIAPS)
3/21 Dynamic analysis of wind farms and its environmental impact: turbulent wake distribution on humidity change Dr. Joon Sang Lee, 
Yonsei University
3/26 Climate and polar ocean stratification Dr. Haojia Ren, 
Research Center for Environmental Changes,
Academia Sinica
4/16 Super Typhoon Haiyan, Ocean Subsurface Warming and Satellite Altimetry 潘任飛博士
4/17 Climate change in China: Communism is cooler 方博亮博士, 
Strategy & Policy, Economics and Information Systems, 
National University of Singapore
4/23 Impact of Tropical Cyclones on the Ocean Heat Budget and Upper Ocean Dynamics in the Bay of Bengal during 1999 王日旺博士, 
Earth System Research Laboratory, 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
4/30 The aerosol-cloud interactions: from the perspective of regional model 蔡宜君博士
5/7 Interactive Ensemble for Synchronization and Reducing Model Systematic Error 沈茂霖 博士, 
Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway
Mini course:Radiative transfer in climate observation and climate modeling: principles, applications, and challenges Xianglei Huang
University of Michigan
5/14 Effects of the Indochina Peninsula Narrow Mountains on the Asian Summer Monsoon 吳奇樺 博士, 
5/19 The Yin-Yan (floods and droughts) and the Chi (the Hadley Circulation) of the global water cycle in a warming climate Dr. William K. M. Lau, 
Deputy Director for Atmospheres, Earth Science Division, 
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
5/21 On the weakening of tropical Walker circulation in response to global warming:
1. A simple explanation from the radiative-convective equilibrium perspective;
2. A robust constraint on the associated ice water change
Dr. Xianglei Huang, 
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences,
University of Michigan
6/11 Role of Seasonality and Westerly Jets in East Asian Paleoclimate Dr. John Chiang, 
Department of Geography, 
University of California, Berkeley
6/25 Thinking about the roles of the near-tropopause ozone in the climate system both as an active and passive participant Dr. Juno Hsu, 
University of California Irvine
7/3 Cloud-radiation biases and their impact on land surface properties in coupled GCMs Dr. Jui-Lin (Frank) Li, 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7/9 Use of satellite observations for studying convective dynamics Dr. Z. Johnny Luo, 
City College of New York
7/16 Convection and trace gases: results from recent field campaigns Dr. Z. Johnny Luo, 
City College of New York
8/13 Role of Moisture Asymmetry in MJO Eastward Propagation from Observational Diagnosis and Aqua-planet GCM Simulation 徐邦淇博士, 
Collaborative Innovation Center on Forecast and Evaluation of Meteorological Disasters, and College of Atmospheric Science,
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing, China
9/19 Subseasonal to seasonal prediction activity in Canada Dr. Hai Lin, 
Senior Research Scientist, 
Environment Canada
10/8 An abrupt shift in the late-season typhoon activity over the western North Pacific: Bayesian analysis, diagnostics, and numerical model experiments Dr. Pao-Shin Chu, 
Department of Meteorology, 
University of Hawaii at Manoa
10/29 Large-scale offshore wind farm simulation: A preliminary case study in California 黃信元博士, 
Division of Life Science, 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
11/11~13 3rd CCliCS Workshop on Climate System Modeling
11/19 An analysis of opposing Antarctic sea ice dipole trends from observational data 張玨欣博士, 
12/11 The quiet typhoon peak season of │2014, the role of climate change, and how it might have killed a super El Nino Dr. Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate, 
Utah State University
12/31 The Holocene Temperature Conundrum: Global Warming or Global Cooling in the last 10,000 years? Dr. Zhengyu Liu 
Professor, Center for Climatic Research, 
Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, 
University of Wisconsin