Sustainability Project

  • The first phase project:
    • Project Name:Study on Climate Change and Urban Development/Land Use
    • Project Director:Dr. Huang-Hsiung Hsu
    • Corporation:Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica、Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University、Nation Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction
    • Execution duration:2013-01-01~ 2015-12-31



This project is aimed to develop a dynamical modeling system for downscaling the climate change information obtained from global climate models, which provide data in the order of one-hundred kilometers, to fine local scale (e.g., few-hundred meters to 1 kilometer). This system will be used to understand, assess and project climate change in urban scale. This dynamical system will also be linked with the study of urban development and land use to explore the mutual effects between urbanization, land use and climate change impact. The targeted regions are the Taipei Metropolitan area and the Tseng-wen River basin for the issue on urban development and management of river basin, respectively. Answers to the three major questions listed below will be explored.

A. What are the impacts of severe weather in fine local and urban scales under the influenceof global/local warming and climate change?

B. What are the impacts of urbanization on local climate under the influence of global/local warming and climate change? How should the future urban development and land use be planned to reduce the impact of global warming and climate change on Taiwan.

What are the impacts on natural disasters in a river basin under the influence of global warming? How to reduce the risk of natural disasters through sensible land use planning and comprehensive management of river basin?


  • The second phase project:
    • Project Name:台灣乾旱研究:變遷、水資源衝擊、風險認知與溝通
    • Project Director:許晃雄
    • Execution duration:2016-01-01~ 2018-12-31
    • Sub-Project:
      Project Name  Co-PI Associate PI
      Sub-Project1  台灣乾旱研究:
      Sub-Project2 氣候變遷與都市化對台灣降雨之衝擊探討 林傳堯
      Sub-Project3 乾旱與水資源風險評估 鄭克聲
      Sub-Project4 Stakeholder Risk Perception and Communication 陳亮全


The second phase project meeting report


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