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美國下一代天氣預報模式的動力架構(Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS))選秀快到尾聲了。


"Summary of phase 2 test results:
–Computationally, FV3 is more than twice as fast as MPAS with equivalent resolution
–FV3 performs comparable to the GFS in cycled data assimilation test (without tuning, at reduced resolution), MPAS performance inferior to GFS
–Effective resolution for both dynamic cores is found to be similar, and higher than GFS
–Full forecast experiments with GFS initial conditions and GFS physics showed significant differences between FV3 and MPAS, FV3 almost equivalent to GFS (some stability issues with MPAS forecasts)
–Supercell tests showed subjectively similar results for both dynamic cores
–MPAS has unresolved issues in TC and conservation tests"

評估小組Dynamic Core Test Group)的結論:
"Implementation of the FV3 core into the Global Forecast System to replace the Global Spectral Model represents a high-quality, cost-effective, low-risk option towards implementing a new NGGPS global forecast model
•Compared to the MPAS, FV3:
–Meets all technical needs
–Less expensive to implement
–Higher readiness for implementation
–Significantly better technical and computational performance
–Lower risk"