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Radiative transfer in climate observation and climate modeling: principles, applications, and challenges

Xianglei Huang (University of Michigan)

5/9、5/16、5/23  2:00PM~5:00PM

資訊創新中心(Research Center for Information Technology Innovation) 

Room No.124



Please open the following website and click the button(我要報名) to fill out the application form before 5/9(Fri.).

Syllabus: This 3-week mini course strives to provide a concise overview of the manifestation of radiative transfer in climate observations and climate modeling, with focus on basic principles as well as current challenges. The course will be divided into three3-hour sessions:

Sessions 1-2: Review of the physics of atmospheric radiative transfer and current frontiers   

Sessions 3-4: Radiometric observations pertinent to the modeling of climate. Both satellite and ground observations will be covered, such as ERBE/CERES/GERB, ISCCP, MSU/AMSU, GPCP/CMAP, ARM, BSRN, etc.

Sessions 5-6: Parameterizations of radiative transfer in the large-scale atmospheric models 

Reading materials will be provided prior to each session. It is expected that all attendants will read the material before the session. For each session, it will start with a 1-hour presentation by me to cover the basis, then followed by 1-hour discussions of the reading materials. Thus, active participation from every attendant is expected.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge about atmospheric radiation and the modeling of atmospheric general circulation (e.g. the level at Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey by Wallace and Hobbs).